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"I'm more nervous than the day I landed in Afghanistan" said U.S. Airman waiting to surprise his wife with a visit.

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Tabitha Alverio thought she was having a belated Mother's Day dinner with her father-in-law. But sitting at the table - alone - she couldn't quite figure out why people were walking by and leaving red roses on her table. Especially, with the song 'At Last' playing. That's a favorite song of Tabitha, and her husband, who is serving overseas.

But what Tabitha didn't realize is 'At Last' her husband, Victor Alverio came home from Afghanistan.

The surprise would be more than his face.  

"I was never able to afford an engagement ring for my wife so I thought I'd propose to her and surprise her with me being home" said Senior Airman Alverio, who returned to the U.S. two days ago but hid out to surprise his wife.

The 31-year old hatched a plan to have his father-in-law take Tabitha to her favorite restaurant, eeZ Fusion Sushi in Birkdale. The restaurant was in on it. Some workers and patrons were each given one of 23 red roses. When the song 'At Last' started to play, those with roses would walk by Tabitha's table and leave the rose.

Then the song to which she walked down to aisle to marry him would play.

"I hope she recognizes the songs but I hope she doesn't figure it all out" said Victor Alverio.

The two haven't seen each other since October. Victor arrived in Afghanistan in November.

"It's been really tough" he said. "I had my very bad days. Actually we all did over there. We had bad days and all I wanted to do was be with my wife and hug them. Hug her and my kids. I miss my kids dearly so it's been a long time coming. I've been counting days."

 The time came.

Victor had the last of the two dozen roses.

He walked from the kitchen to his wife's table.

For what seemed like an eternity - the two hugged each other.

"Whenever someone came with roses I knew something was going on" Tabitha Alverio said. "I'm glad he's back. He's home and he's safe and he's back with us."

But the visit was part one of the surprise.

Part two: the ring he couldn't afford to buy seven years ago.

He could now.

"I bought the stone overseas. And I've been carrying the stone and when I got here yesterday {Thursday} I went to a local jewelry shop and I had them set it up in a mount."

When the two finally let go of each other, Airman Alverio told his wife "you've been my best friend for the past seven years. You're my soul mate and I love you and I want to know if you'll continue to be my wife."

'At Last' Tabitha understood why the song played and why people left roses at her table.

Victor was home 'At Last' and she got a ring 'At Last'.

"Have him physically here - being able to hold him and hug him, kiss him. Just being in his presence - that's the best part" Tabitha said.

Now, one more trick. Surprise the kids.

Airman Alverio said he's home until Monday "then back to the base to finish up processing and hopefully be back in a week and a half."

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