Night photo schedule available for "Streamliners At Spencer"

Spencer, NC (WBTV) - As the N.C. Transportation Museum's "Streamliners at Spencer" railroading festival approaches and with the confirmation of 25 classic streamliner locomotives appearing, more details about offerings for each day and night session are being finalized.

Each day and night session of the massive railroading event will represent a unique experience for rail fans.

Three night photo sessions are available, May 29 – May 31, with different equipment scenes each night. Each of the scenes will feature static lighting, allowing the photographer to move freely throughout the photo line to achieve the photo of their choice.

Different scenes will allow for a variety of photography possibilities each night.

The night photo sessions begin shortly after dusk each night, with the grounds opening at 8:30 p.m., and sessions concluding at 11 p.m.

Thursday night, May 29, the primary photo scene will feature an assortment of streamliners positioned around the Bob Julian Roundhouse for static night photo displays. As the much-anticipated centerpiece, N&W No. 611 will be positioned on the turntable during Thursday's night photo event, allowing photographers to capture the steam powered streamliner surrounded by a variety of diesel streamliner units.

Secondary scenes will be conducted south of the roundhouse featuring different groups of locomotives. These secondary scenes will allow for abstract and detailed photography opportunities as well as roster photos of selected equipment.

A third scene featuring Juniata Terminal Co. E8 No. 5708 or 5711 in Pennsylvania Railroad colors will be hosted at the1898 Barber Junction Depot located on the grounds of the museum.

Friday night, May 30, an assortment of streamliners will be on display around the Bob Julian Roundhouse allowing photographers to photograph groups of locomotives.

A secondary scene just south of the roundhouse will feature the N&W No. 611 coupled with Norfolk Southern's burgundy passenger cars. This scene will replicate scenes of N&W's famed Powhatan Arrow passenger train. Additional streamliners will be positioned alongside N&W No. 611 to replicate in-station scenes.

A third photo scene will be hosted at the Barber Junction Depot featuring Lackawanna A-B-A F3's stationed on a photo freight train.

Saturday night, May 31, will be an 'E'vening of photo sessions that will feature groups of E locomotives staggered on available tracks south of the Roundhouse. Many of the unique E locomotives in attendance will be featured in this exclusive night photo opportunity.

Collages of locomotives with vibrant color schemes will surround the Bob Julian Roundhouse Saturday with the various F units on display for roster and group photos.

A third photo scene will be hosted at the Barber Junction Depot that will provide photographers a unique chance to photograph the highly anticipated and rare Nickel Plate Alco PA No. 190.

Tickets for day and nighttime events are sold separately.  Nighttime photo shoots Thursday through Saturday will be $25 per person, per night.

During daytime events, both passenger and freight trains will be running on site, pulled by these classic Streamliner locomotives of the 1930s through the 1950s.  This will provide visitors an opportunity to ride behind the historic diesels and allow you multiple opportunities to photograph or video these locomotives. The N.C. Transportation Museum's 57 acre site provides a number of locations where visitors can catch the action from different perspectives.

Regular daytime admission to Streamliners at Spencer for activities running May 30 through June 1 will be $30 for adults and $20 for children per day if purchased in advance.  The price increases to $35 for adults and $25 for children per day if purchased on the day of the event.

A special Preview Day, featuring the last of the engines to arrive, special train movements, site preparations and more will be held May 29.  Tickets for the Preview Day are $40 per person in advance.  Tickets will be $45 on the day of the event.

A special Streamliners Celebration at the Station will be held the night of May 29 at the nearby Salisbury station, featuring live music, guest speakers and a BBQ and chicken dinner for $20/person.

Combo tickets and group discounts will be available, along with discounts for N.C. Transportation Museum members, Norfolk Southern employees and Amtrak employees.

More information about the day-to-day operations and ticket prices are available online at

The museum has partnered with Amtrak to offer a coupon code for 10% off travel by rail to Salisbury Station, just a few miles from the Spencer museum.  Available only for travel during the event days, those booking online may visit and enter coupon code V563 to receive the discount.  Shuttle service will run between Salisbury Station and the museum , but excludes the Crescent and the Carolinian trains.

Tickets are available online at or by calling (704) 636-2889 ext. 237 or ext. 257.

Streamliners at Spencer is made possible through the generous support of Norfolk Southern Corporation, Juniata Terminal Company, Salisbury-Rowan County Convention & Visitors Bureau, CSX, Amtrak, BNSF Railway Company, Union Pacific, North Carolina Railroad,, Parsons-Brinckerhoff, Trains Magazine, Rouzer Motor Parts, PPG Industries, Atlantic Petroleum, McCarthy Rail Insurance and Rail Events Inc.

More information on the attending locomotives can be found on the museum's event blog, "Streamliners Scoop," available at  The participation of all resident and visiting locomotives is subject to timely transportation and mechanical availability.