Speedway campers form unique bond during hard times

CONCORD, NC (WBTV) - Every year around this time, thousands of race fans pitch tents, park campers and set up shop at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. But one group of campers, in particular, has formed a unique bond that doesn't end with race week.

Virginia, South Carolina, Florida and North Carolina. That's where this group of race fans lives.

With personalities as unique as their campers.

"You know what everybody's little quirks are and what they like to do and everybody has their favorite drivers."

More than 30 years ago, a few people met here at one of the campsites.

"And then the next year, we came back to the same spot and we met some other people and then from one race to the next..."

Now, dozens of former strangers, have become the closest friends.

They call their group "The Glen" and say it's a bond that doesn't end with the checkered flag.

"We have a girls weekend together. We've been to weddings together, funerals together."

Year-round, they're a network of support for anybody in the group who needs it.

"Emily, she found out she had cancer and my husband found out he had cancer at the same time."

Emily is still fighting hers, but she's not alone.

"They've come to the house. They've come helped me do things that I wouldn't be able to do."

Every year the group seems to grow. You see they're not picky here. You just have to be good people.

And it helps if you also like to have a good time.

UPDATE: We first brought you this story in October. Emily's cancer has spread. While her prognosis is not good, she's back at the campsite and back with her family. She's looking forward this week to laughing, visiting, eating and just enjoying life.

"I'm still here," Emily says as a simple way to sum up her prognosis. With a smile that won't quit, this week for her, will be more special than any other. Check out the story to see why.