Coach LaMonte: "The B.L.A.C.K. OUT"

Coach LaMonte: "The B.L.A.C.K. OUT"

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Coach LaMonte says it is time to completely black out the past and press for the future.

"Today is an inspiring new day. As long as the past is present the future is merely a carbon copy of yesterday. When you attempt to decipher what the future looks like you determine the future is merely the present masked to look as if things would be different," Coach said.

His advice follows:

4 Blackout definitions which relate to our past:

1) Obliterate or Extinguish

2) Void of Power

3) Lost of Consciousness

4) Suspension of Broadcasting

B: Behind means "Be Hindered"! If it is behind you it is to remain there. Stop attempting to make the present your past. How can you move forward walking backwards? If it happened, it happened. You can't change it so stop defeating yourself to try to change something that is already written in the book of your experiences. 

L: Legitimize your defeats no more! Stop giving so much power to the things in life that defeated you. When you side with your pain you side with your enemy. Legitimize means you grant legal authority to your past to disrupt your future. Don't make your problem greater than your solution. 

A: Asterisk's must be removed! We are used to placing asterisks next to certain events in our past. We place a significance on one event more than the other. The event with the asterisk is typically the event we are move plagued by. Confront that event today. But confront it in the present not in the past.

C: Character is what was gained! You are who you are today based on how you dealt with the events of yesterday. 

K: Knowledge is the key to life! of a positive, reflecting future will defeat Knowledge of a negative and defeating past. Remember that your past was once your future. Your future will only resemble a past you refuse to let go of.

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