WBTV Speak Out Editorial: The Definition of a Hero

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: The Definition of a Hero
Sgt. Kyle White
Sgt. Kyle White

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The summer movie season is upon us, and no doubt, some sort of "super heroes" will be showing up in theatres soon.

"Hero" – seems like a word that's tossed around pretty casually these days…anything from a man in a spider suit to the star of the hometown sports team.

But let me tell you about a real hero. His name is Kyle White.

He's a former army sergeant who happens to live right here in Charlotte.

Seems that Sgt. White and his troop of American and Afghan soldiers were ambushed while meeting with a group of village elders in Aranas, Afghanistan.

In the midst of heavy gunfire, Sgt. White was knocked unconscious. When he came to, he discovered that most of his fellow soldiers were gone, one was dead, another fatally wounded, and another severely injured.

As the firefight continued and while suffering from his own concussion, Sgt. White dodged the barrage of bullets and pulled his injured comrades to safety.

He then treated their wounds until help could arrive hours later.

This week, Sgt. White is being presented the Medal of Honor by President Obama. He's one of only seven living people to receive this tribute.

As you watch your summer action films and enjoy your popcorn, we encourage you to remember the people who make that freedom possible.

Heroes like Sgt. Kyle White.

And as we approach Memorial Day later this month, remember also Sgt. White's buddies, who didn't make it home.