Dangerous and young

Armed man forces employees to floor

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Police are on the lookout for a dangerous young crook.

They believe he viciously pistol-whipped someone and stole their car, then robbed two businesses in three days.

A hooded man in his late teens or early 20's used a black handgun to steal cash a BP Station on East WT Harris Boulevard. He was seen leaving in a stolen 1999 Honda Civic, silver in color, with NC tag number TP-65918.

Two days before, police believe the same young crook robbed the Thomasboro Grocery on Bradford Street.

It was the middle of the afternoon on a busy street, yet, surveillance shows him bursting in with his gun drawn, demanding money from the clerk.

"This was a bold act," said CMPD Detective Marty Cuthbertson.

He stole an iPhone, some cigarettes and only one dollar cash from the register.

When he left, he ran around the back of the store.

The grocer grabbed his gun and followed the crook out. When the robber attempted to leave, he pointed his gun at the clerk. The clerk then opened fire, shooting off 4 or 5 rounds.

Can he legally come out of the store and shoot at somebody who's just robbed it? Detective Cuthbertson-- "I don't recommend that, but to defend yourself as in this case, this guy pointed a gun at him."

His shots missed the crook but the grocer believes he hit the car.

"He was operating a gray vehicle, small, and it should have bullet holes in it."

The robber is pegged at 5-foot-5 and 170 pounds.

Can you help get him off Charlotte's streets before he does something very violent? Call Crime Stoppers at (704) 334-1600 and you don't have to leave your name. Crime doesn't pay, but Crime Stoppers does.

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