Panthers' Greg Hardy turns over ten guns as part of court order

Hardy surrenders guns, coach addresses arrest
Guns surrendered by Greg Hardy
Guns surrendered by Greg Hardy

Carolina Panthers' Greg Hardy turned over ten firearms to deputies Friday after being ordered to surrender "any and all weapon and firearms" that he owned or could access as part of a modified bond.

Hardy turned over seven rifles and three shotguns, according to officials.

The judge's order to turn over the weapons came two days after Hardy turned himself in to police on domestic violence charges. It came as part of a bond modification on Thursday.

Twenty-four-year-old Nicole Holder, who says she was recently in a seven-month relationship with Hardy, says he attacked her inside his uptown Charlotte apartment on Tuesday morning.

Also on Thursday, a judge also threw out the request by Holder for a protective order against Hardy after Holder didn't show up for court.

Holder's attorney told WBTV he no longer represents her in this case.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police released nine minutes of 911 calls from Tuesday morning, one placed by Hardy from inside his apartment.

Hardy claims Holder was inside his home, breaking things and attacking him with her heels. He claims he and his manager had attempted to get Holder out of the apartment for about an hour before he called police.

When police arrived, they saw Holder and another woman walking out of the apartment.

The other woman told police that Hardy "just beat the [expletive] out of [Holder], he almost broke her arm."

Police say Holder was crying and appeared to be visibly upset.

According to court documents, Holder had signs of bruising and swelling on both of her arms. Her elbows were also scratched and had welts on them. Officers also noted that she had cuts, scrapes and bruises on her back.

In a separate court document, Holder said Hardy dragged her across the floor into the bedroom where he choked her with both hands before picking her up and throwing her onto a couch covered in assault rifles.

Holder told police that she and Hardy had dated from September 2013 until March of this year.  She said the pair had lived together in Hardy's apartment until they broke up and she moved out.

She told officers that she and Hardy were trying to patch things up.

Court documents show that Holder, Hardy and some friends had gone out and had some drinks on Monday night before going back to Hardy's apartment.

She said Hardy became suddenly angry about a "short lived relationship she had with the entertainer, Nelly, while they were apart."

Holder said Hardy had been upset often since March about the relationship.

She told police she was lying in bed with Hardy when he "just snapped" and began to "beat the [expletive] out of me."

She admitted to hitting Hardy with her heels, but claims it was in an effort to defend herself.

That's when she says Hardy began to record her on video and agitated her several times in an effort to get her "to flip out on him."

She says their fighting woke up the other woman in the apartment.

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