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Elementary school teacher charged with grabbing student, sparks lock down


An elementary school teacher has been charged after she reportedly grabbed a student and sparked a lock down at an elementary school and two school district buildings.

Rebecca Wilson Daniel, a teacher at China Grove Elementary was charged with grabbing a student. 

Daniel is accused of assaulting a juvenile student by "grabbing his arm pulling him and poking him in the chest while scolding him," an arrest warrant stated.

That's what led to the lockdown.

Daniel was charged at her home in China Grove home on Thursday morning with misdemeanor assault on a child under 12.

She was issued a written promise to appear in court.

On Thursday morning, the Rowan-Salisbury School System placed China Grove Elementary School and both central offices on a code yellow lock down.

The lock downs were issued in response to threats made from "a disgruntled employee," a spokesperson from the school system initially told WBTV.

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