911 calls released in domestic violence case against Greg Hardy

AUDIO: 911 call from Greg Hardy

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Investigators have released nine minutes worth of 911 calls in a domestic violence case involving Carolina Panthers' Greg Hardy.

Hardy was arrested on Tuesday after officers were called to his uptown Charlotte apartment early Tuesday morning.

On Wednesday, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police released three separate 911 calls in the case, including a four-minute long call from Hardy and two other calls from his neighbor.

The calls have shed new light on the case.

According to police, a 24-year-old woman told police that Hardy had thrown her to the floor and into a bath tub multiple times during an attack on Tuesday morning. She said Hardy threatened to kill her during the alleged attack.

In the domestic violence protection order which was filed after the incident on Tuesday morning, the woman told investigators that Hardy dragged her across the floor into the bedroom where he choked her with both hands before picking her up and throwing her onto a couch covered in assault rifles.

He then reported bragged that all the guns were loaded.

That's when the woman says Hardy yelled for his administrative assistant to come and hold the woman down.

In a recorded 911 call, Hardy can be heard asking for them to help remove the woman from his home.

"My friend brought a girl home. She won't get out. We're trying to get her out of my house," he told operators. "She keeps running back in every time. My neighbor outside just witnessed everything."

"She's trying to hit me with her heel. She's trying to hit me with a shoe."

Hardy then yells and cusses, saying she just broke some glass inside the apartment.

"She's trying to hit me with another shoe, I'm behind the bar. I'm not touching her, my manager is restraining her," he said.

"She won't let me close the door and I can't touch her to get her out. She's literally kicking and scratching. She's hit me in the face twice and I'm trying to stay away from her. Can you please send somebody too help me."

Hardy can then be heard saying "don't let her go, don't let her go."

He tells the 911 operator that he doesn't need medic, saying she's hit him in the face, but he's not bleeding, but he's a little swollen."

Hardy can then be heard yelling to someone in the apartment that "you shouldn't have hit me, you shouldn't have hit me."

At least one woman can be heard yelling in the background of the 911 call.

"She's refusing to leave, she told me to break her arm when I asked her to leave," Hardy said. "What should I do? Should I leave? What should I do? She's like, she's very crazy."

The operator asks Hardy where he is and Hardy says he's inside the apartment and the woman is standing at the door and won't let him leave.

He says they had been trying to get the woman to leave for an hour.

"I've asked her to leave a thousand times and she hit me in the face, twice. I'm trying to walk around her, I can't walk through my kitchen, there's glass. She broke glass."

That's when emergency officials asked if there has been any drug use.

"I think she's on coke or something," Hardy said. "I don't know, I don't know. She's been drinking, I don't know what she's on man. She's....She will not stop coming at me, bro."

The public police report lists alcohol as an "incapacity" for the victim, but does not mention alcohol for Hardy.

There appears to be about 40-seconds of confusion when the 911 operator asks if there were any weapons involved. Hardy keeps responding with who else was there and witnessed the incident.

"No, she keeps swinging her fists and her heels," Hardy can be heard saying. "I have one of her heels now. She's trying to fight my manager."

"She's trying to come at me bro, don't let her do it bro," Hardy said. "Please hurry."

In a separate 911 call, a neighbor that lives below Hardy called 911 after a woman came to his door.

While the man is talking the operators, the woman can be heard yelling for them to send police.

"He is beating her [expletive] right the [expletive] now. So get here now," she urged. "I was in the apartment, he's beating her [expletive]."

The woman says she was in the front room of Hardy's apartment and Hardy and his girlfriend were in a back room.

"We need the police here now before this girl gets seriously hurt," the woman yelled.

During the call, the caller states that he has never met the woman who is yelling in the phone and says she is "clearly inebriated."

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