Night in jail for Hardy

Hello everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom on this Tuesday night.

The buzz tonight is about Panthers pass rusher Greg Hardy getting arrested and charged with assaulting his girlfriend. Hardy has to spend the night in jail. He's see a judge in the morning and undoubtedly get out on bail. The next question-- what will the Panthers or the NFL do next? Carolina can ill afford their $14 Million dollar franchise player sitting out for any stretch of time.

A wild story on I-85 this afternoon. State Troopers clocked a stolen car doing 90 miles-per-hour. They gave chase, but near the Billy Graham exit, the driver pushed his female passenger out. He then sped away hitting 110 according to Troopers, before crashing on Brookshire Boulevard. He was injured and booked. Tonight, we're checking on conditions of both people.

We're also covering a story that makes you proud to be an American-- the President bestowed the Medal of Honor to former Sergeant Kyle White for saving seven of his comrades in battle. White is from Seattle but lives and works in Charlotte in the financial industry. His actions during the war in Afghanistan were exemplary. We salute you, Sgt. White.

April showers apparently brought May heat. And tomorrow marks the eleventh straight day we've been well into the 80's-- which is running ten degrees above our average temperatures. Eric Thomas says it's all going to change, but we will face another strong front of storms before spring-like weather returns.

Please join Eric, Molly Grantham, Delano Little and me for WBTV News at 11:00 in just a few minutes!