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Rock Hill high school student nearly 'upskirted' at bus stop


Rock Hill Police are looking for a bus stop predator.

Officials say a man tried to take pictures underneath a 15-year-old girl's skirt as she waited for the school bus.

WBTV spoke with South Pointe High School parent Franklin Hunt. He says he's upset because the incident happened four days ago and he's just now hearing about it.

Hunt says he's disappointed that he wasn't notified by school officials that the 15-year-old student was approached by a man at her bus stop and tried taking a picture up her skirt.

"I think they're responsible as a school and we should have been aware that it was going on," said Hunt.

Police say on Friday, the suspect pretended to check mail at his box in the Forest Oaks Apartment complex when he took his phone and placed it under the victim's skirt to take a picture as she waited on her school bus.

Police say another student waiting on the bus saw the suspect and yelled, that's when he ran off.

"That's really scary because I live here," said Forest Oaks resident April Himel.

"The students had seen this guy hanging around them or following them for a couple of weeks now," said Rock Hill Police Department spokesman Capt. Mark Bollinger.

WBTV called School leaders for a comment and a spokesperson told us parents weren't notified because this was an isolated incident and they are cooperating with police in the investigation.

Police hope both students and parents can learn from this case.

They recommend students walk in groups to bus stops and parents should be involved as well.

"Talk to their kids about safety at the bus stop and you don't want to be a helicopter parent but still try to keep tabs on them," said Capt. Bollinger.

As for these parents, they just hope the suspect is caught soon to help bring them some peace of mind.

"It scares me because I don't know how I would react, I don't know what I would do. The first thought in my mind would be to do something crazy," said Hunt.

"It's very disgusting and I hope they catch him soon," said Himel.

Police tell WBTV they believe the suspect either lives at the apartment complex or visits friends frequently there.

Complex management wouldn't comment on the case, they told WBTV they are doing their own investigation and cooperating with police.

Police say the suspect is a Middle Eastern man in his mid to late 20's, standing around 5'5".

If you have any information in this case, you are asked to call Rock Hill Police.

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