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Is your home in danger of falling trees?

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Two trees in three days came crashing down on local homes. Luckily, both the Charlotte and Mooresville families weren't injured, but the question remains - Could the damage have been prevented?

Experts like Board Certified Arborist, Patrick Anderson say there are signs to look for before it's too late.

"If you see strange structure in any part of the tree, burls or a part of the tree that doesn't look symmetrical with other parts of a tree, that's an indication that there might be some more internal decay going on," Anderson said. 

Kiana Brown wishes someone like Anderson would have looked in her front yard, before a falling tree completely destroyed her home.

"Get someone to check it, if you don't your house will look just like this one," Brown said. 

Anderson says green leaves don't always mean a healthy tree. 

"You might have a vascular system that's completely intact, and bringing nutrients to the top of that tree, meanwhile the interior of that tree is completely decayed away, due to some fungal disease," Anderson said. 

He admits the untrained eye can't always spot the abnormalities. 

"There are some subtleties in these fungi's that might be easy to overlook if you're not used to looking at them all day, everyday," Anderson said. 

So, while an expert may have been able to prevent these trees from tumbling, the families are going through this ordeal are still counting their blessings. 

"Belongings that I have in there is special, but not as special as some bodies life," Alana Moss said. 

Anderson advises to always make sure your Arborist is Board Certified.
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