Scotty McCreery: North Carolina 'will always be home'

On tour with Scotty McCreery

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If anyone thought his American Idol win would be the last anyone heard of singer Scotty McCreery, they'd have been sorely mistaken.

In the four years since he graced the Idol stage, McCreery's life has become a whirlwind of music, touring, fans and endorsement deals.  Still, though, he finds plenty of time to get back to his hometown of Garner, NC.

"North Carolina is home to me.  It is where my family and friends are.  It will always be home," McCreery said.

McCreery invited WBTV's Kristen Miranda to join him on a couple of his tour stops in the Carolinas.  First in Greensboro and then in Myrtle Beach.

"I just want to sing.  I want to get up on stage and write and sing these songs," McCreery said when asked what he enjoys most about his non-stop tour schedule.

The musician is able to tour more this year because he's started taking his classes at North Carolina State online, instead of in person.

"2014 is going to be a big year for me, or at least that's what we hope, so I have to be able to put in the work," he said.

"People were really surprised that I would say I was able to have a pretty normal college experience on campus, but I really did," McCreery added.

The album he's promoting on this tour, "See You Tonight", is more personal, he says.  He did some writing on this record and there are several songs that remind him of home.

"There's a couple songs on there that talk about Carolina.  Carolina Moon is my favorite.  Then there's Carolina Eyes on the bonus track.  Definitely a couple of references to back home," he said.

Because he's so focused on the music, McCreery says it is still surreal to him to see a crowd of screaming fans, particularly young women, lining up to see him.

"They used to scream and run away from me and now they're screaming and sticking around, I guess," McCreery shyly told us.

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