Routine car maintenance in Charlotte can involve a car tune up!

Routine car maintenance in Charlotte can involve a car tune up!
cheap car maintenance in Charlotte
cheap car maintenance in Charlotte
Charlotte car maintenance
Charlotte car maintenance

No matter how much you keep up with routine car maintenance in Charlotte, there's bound to be a time when your vehicle needs a little bit extra TLC. Most drivers know that they need to get new auto tires in Charlotte when the tire tread wears down too much, or that getting routine oil changes can help the engine last long and perform well. 

However, as your car starts to rack up the miles, there comes a time where basic auto service isn't enough! At that point, it's a good idea to consider getting a car tune up. 

What's a car tune up?

A car tune up is a set of services that helps keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape at all time. When a car tune up in Charlotte is needed depends on a few different factors, like the make and model of your car, how much mileage it has, and even more. Sometimes cars need a tune up after 25,000 miles, and sometimes they can wait till they reach 100,000 miles! The owner's manual should tell you when your ride needs this kind of car maintenance. 

A few simple services are normally involved when it's time to make this Charlotte car maintenance appointment, but some key fixes are common occurrences:

  • Swapping out spark plugs
  • Replacing fuel filter
  • Changing air filter
  • Adjusting valves
  • Inspecting internal parts like belts, hoses and caps
  • Fluid changes and maintenance 

Clearly, a little bit more is involved in a car tune up than your average auto service appointment! Getting your ride a car tune up can be the difference between whether or not it lasts the next 100,00 miles! 

What comes with a car tune up in Charlotte?

If you're not sure if your ride needs this kind of car maintenance, then there are a few different warning signs you can look for that will let you know for sure! 

  • Bad fuel economy: It's well-known that some cars get better gas mileage than others. However, if the fuel efficiency in your vehicle starts to drop this could be a sign that it has some internal issues that need to get worked out! 
  • Stalling: Having a car that tends to stall more often than it goes is no fun. It's possible that the spark plugs need to be fixed or replaced, but to find out for certain bring your car by for our Toyota techs to check out. 
  • Tough time starting: Do you feel like you have to turn the key more than one time to get your car started? Don't wait until you become stranded because the car won't start to get it some car maintenance! Bring it in for a tune up and for our Toyota techs to check it out! 

If you think it's time for your ride to get a car tune up, or just want everything checked out so that you know it's working properly, bring it by for an appointment! We're located at 13429 Statesville Rd in Huntersville, right off of I-77! 


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