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Fort Mill neighbors say nearby pond is ruining their homes


A group of neighbors in a Fort Mill subdivision say they are worried they'll lose their homes.

"I'm going to lose my home it's sliding in the pond," said Catherine Blackford.

Blackford move into her Sunningdale subdivision home in October of last year and after three months of living there she noticed damage to her foundation.

"The concrete pulled apart here and that's a new crack that runs all the way up," she pointed out.

Blackford and her neighbors say over the years the pond has dried up, and they believe that process is what is causing the damage.

"I'm finding I'm having a problem sleeping. I'm scared of the house. Every time it creeks or make the least little noise, I'm looking in the corners to see if something's cracked," said Blackford.

"People are saying how do you like living next to the cesspool, so living next to a cesspool is not a good thing," said resident Larry Deem.

"I just need some type of response, some timeline, some actual facts. What they're going to do, when they're going to do it and it's got to be soon," said Blackford.

WBTV made calls to try to get those answers.  A company representative told us to email our questions to the property manager, which we did.

This was the response on behalf of the Regent Park COA Board of Directors:

"The pond has been kept up to County standards and maintained accordingly. We did inspect the banks and know of the problem with the common ground & pond.

The Regent Park COA Board of Directors has met at the pond with representatives of York county and most of the homeowners in your story were present at the meeting. 

The Board has contacted the Army Corps of Engineers and has ask to have a meeting with them since it falls under their jurisdiction and no work may be completed without their approval and direction.

There are multiple factors involved and the Community Owners Association Board has a plan to address the common grounds of the Association.

The original issue brought to our attention was a broken pipe that has been fixed. Plan is in place to address maintenance of all common property within Regent Park, including Sunningdale pond."

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