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Could movie theater robberies be connected?

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Spider-Man was playing on the big screen and movie-goers were glued to their seats as the film was near the end.

Out front, employees were cleaning up, another day about over but just about midnight a man came into the Marquee Cinemas in downtown Morganton. He wasn't there to see a show, he was there to rob the place.

"He showed a weapon," said Morganton Public Safety Detective Tim Corriveau,"Said give me the money and moved them to a back office area." The man, described as a white male, about five foot ten, then escaped with the cash into the night. "It was pretty bold," said Corriveau.

Movie theater robberies, he said are rare because there are so many people around and the chances of getting caught are high. It's why authorities in Morganton are taking a close look at what happened in Lenoir on April 7.

That's when a gunman entered the Westgate Movie theater and ordered employees to lay on the floor while he grabbed the cash and ran. In that case too, a movie was still playing in the back.

"Whether the two are connected or not is definitely something we are looking into," said Captain Couby Stillwell of the Lenoir Police Department. There have been several armed robberies at business closing time in the area recently and investigators are comparing notes to see what connection there might be.

Police are asking the public to keep their eyes open, especially at night as they pass by local businesses. If they see anything unusual, they should call their local law enforcement agency.

"We'll be happy to check it out," said the Captain. No one has been hurt in any of the robberies and authorities want to make sure it doesn't happen in the future. The only way to be sure, they say, is to catch the person or persons responsible.

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