Mint Hill uses "dogs" to get rid of geese

MINT HILL, NC (WBTV) - Feathers all over the grass, and waste all over the sidewalks. Up until a few months ago, the geese were running the show at the Mint Hill Town Hall, until a clever executive assistant stepped up to get rid of them.

"We wanted something humane, so I just Googled "getting rid of geese humanely", said Sheryl Smith. She asked her boss, the town manager if she could spend $220 on a product that came with a 90 day guarantee.

Watch Dog Goose Patrol turned out to be the solution. The company provides 5 cutouts of dogs that attach to a stick in the ground. The images sit on a spring, so with the wind, they move. And with the geese, they worked.

Town Hall has been mostly "goose free" for months now. And not a single goose was harmed in the process. Maybe scared a little, but not harmed. A clean sidewalk now leads the way inside the building, thanks to the clever lady who found those clever dogs.

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