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Mayor wants York police chief placed on leave

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York Police Chief Andy Robinson was behind the wheel of a police chase that exceeded 100 miles per hour. Now, York's mayor says he wants to see the police chief placed on administrative leave.

"I think administrative leave is warranted. Administrative leave does not presume guilt or innocence, it just removes the person who is under investigation and it allows the process to work," Mayor Eddie Lee said.

However, for now, Chief Robinson will report for duty. York City Council members discussed the issue behind closed doors in executive session Tuesday night.

"We discussed the chase and the question of excessive speed during the chase. We discussed certain disciplinary actions that could be taken," Lee said.

They decided to take no action at this time.

"We'll let the city manager make his decision about disciplining anyone that needs to be disciplined, because he supervises the police chief," Lee said.

Lee told WBTV that residents in York want answers regarding the April 4 chase that started when an officer tried to pull over a man driving a stolen vehicle.

"I think everyone is concerned. We're concerned about the safety of our officers. We're concerned about moral in all our departments," Lee said.

SLED is now investigating the chase, but until that investigation is complete, Chief Robinson's future is up in the air.

The mayor said, "I think we'll let the solicitors office make it's decision about the use of excessive force."

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