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Carmichael and Hailey will face-off in race for Mecklenburg Co Sheriff


Mecklenburg County will have a new Sheriff.

During Tuesday's primary election, voters will choose nominees to replace Mecklenburg County Sheriff Chipp Bailey, who is not running for re-election.

Bailey has been sheriff since 2008.

The Sheriff's office is responsible for securing the County's Courthouse, operating the jails, processing people who are arrested, registering and monitoring sex offenders, issuing permits for concealed weapons, and gun purchases.

Four candidates are vying for their parties' selection.

For democrats, voters chose Irwin Carmichael, with 52.67% {15,242} votes over Antoine Ensley, who received 47.3% {13,697} votes.

Republicans gave the nod to Chris Hailey 73.75% {18,710} votes over Louis Rango Jr., who won 26.25% {6,660} votes.

Carmichael and Hailey will square off to become the leader of the largest sheriff's office in North Carolina with approximately 1350 employees, three facilities, and approximately 1800 inmates.

While some in the county believed a new facility would be needed, that talk has been quieted because the inmate population in Mecklenburg County has a declined.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff's Office said there was a concerted effort to team up with CMPD to track habitual offenders, with prosecutors to speed up trials, and with community organizations to do re-entry job training programs so inmates could develop job skills that could be utilized after release.  


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