Fire crews on scene for hours at Gastonia plant fire

Photo courtesy of Crowder's Mountain Fire & Rescue.
Photo courtesy of Crowder's Mountain Fire & Rescue.

GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) - Firefighters said it took 30 personnel and three hours for crews to battle a fire at a multiple story commercial plant in Gastonia.

The fire broke out just before 9:45 a.m. at 5500 block of York Highway on Sunday according to firefighters with Crowder's Mountain Fire & Rescue.

When crews arrived, they saw smoke showing from the side of CBP Resources Incorporated.

Inside firefighters said they found heavy smoke near a large 72 x 32 cooker being used at the plant.

Firefighters said they opened up the hatch to the cooker and put out the fire inside and around it.

No body was hurt in the fire.

Firefighters said the cause of the fire was excessive heat built up in the cooker ignited the duct work around the vat.

Firefighters from Crowder's Mountain Fire & Rescue, Union Road Volunteer Fire Department, and Ranlo Fire & Rescue responded to the fire.

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