Wednesday at 11pm: A day in the life of Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose Web Preview

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We weren't at the CBS studios in New York, New York for very long before Charlie Rose, who we were there to interview, was asking US questions.

"Why would anyone want to do a day in my life," he asked.

To the rest of us it seems like a preposterous question to ask.  He's among the most respected journalists in the country, if not the world, and lives a life most would dream of.

The day we spent with him started well before the sun came up and only a few hours after returning from a trip to Turkey and Rome to conduct interviews.  It ended long after the sun went down.

"I love my work," Rose told us.  "It makes the long days very worthwhile."

Tuesday at 11pm on WBTV you'll see what Charlie Rose's day really is like and you'll hear from his famous friends and co-workers about what makes this North Carolina native such a joy to be around.

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