How to spot and manage springtime bug infestations

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You're starting to see them.  The spiders and bugs that, now that it's warm, have started to crawl into the open.

Carolina Pest Management has 75 years in the pest control business and knows how to spot and manage all types of bugs.  They visited WBTV News Sunday Morning to share their advice and their information follows:

What types of pests can be hidden in a person's home without them knowing?

    • Termites
    • Beetles
    • Ants
    • Bedbugs
    • Rodents

What are signs of hidden termite infestations?  How should people react to and treat them?

  • Mud tubes near foundation of home
  • Lines/ripples in wood or baseboard areas, or walls

Recommend calling a professional out to take a look to verify if there are termites.

What are signs of bed bug infestations?  How should people react to and treat them?

  • See drops of blood on sheets
  • Notice something biting them while sleeping (not always the case)
  • May see bed bug "skins" where they have molted or feces (small black dots)
  • Call a professional out to evaluate

What are signs of cock roach infestations? How should people react to and treat them?

  • May notice their droppings in corners
  • May see live roaches at night
  • Make sure all food is sealed up and all harborage areas are cleaned out.  Call a professional to evaluate

Why should people be concerned about these infestations?

  • Health concerns- roaches and bedbugs are health concerns for different reasons but need to be addressed promptly as they can multiply quickly
  • Structural issues-termites can cause extensive structural damage if left untreated

What are steps that people can take to prevent these infestations?

  • Termites-Annual inspections, keeping wood away from the ground, reduce moisture near the home
  • Bed bug-Be careful when traveling and unpacking, inspect any used furniture
  • Cock roach – Keep home as clean as possible, reduce harborage areas, reduce clutter

Why should people contact a pest management company instead of treating it themselves?

Most pests are very difficult and expensive to treat on your own.  Homeowners are not usually equipped with tools to properly do a treatment and may not know what to look for or mix products correctly.  Professionals have gone through extensive training on the products we use and the insects we have in our area so you know that the correct type of treatment is being done.

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