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Does CMS get enough from county when it comes to funding?


The Executive Director of Meck Ed, Bill Anderson, gave Charlotte - Mecklenburg School (CMS) district board members some revealing information regarding school funding. 

MeckEd is an organization that informs and engages the community around the critical issues facing public education.

Anderson discovered Mecklenburg County is number one in the state when it comes to generating property tax dollars, but compared to other school districts throughout the state, Mecklenburg county is number twelve when it comes to using those tax dollars for education.

"It appears as if we are being funded in Meck. County," Anderson said. "At a significantly lower level."

Anderson says last year Mecklenburg County generated more than $909 million in property taxes and county leaders invested 49% in public education.  Wake County generated nearly $660 million and invested 77% in the public schools and Guilford County generated more than $339 million and pumped 70% of that number in the school system.

"One has to ask the question," Anderson said. "How much do we value public education, are there other communities in our state who value education more."

Several CMS school board members expressed their concern about this and find these comparisons troubling. Anderson presented the board with these numbers at a budget work session. The findings also show when it comes to total per pupil funding, Mecklenburg comes in at number 13 while Wake is number nine, Guilford is number ten and Durham is number three. 

"Why should you care?," Anderson said. "You should care because we seem to be falling behind rather significantly and I'm sure that's not the best for our county now and a decade from now."

MeckEd and CMS school board members plan to use this information as the school board prepares to make a request of $46.2 million more from the county for next year's budget. 

County leaders were unavailable to talk about these numbers. They have agreed to talk on Thursday.

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