WBTV Investigates: Putting a repair company to the test

Thursday at 11pm: PSI: Garage Door Investigation

Complaints came to WBTV in a burst. Customers said they were hit with unnecessary fixes and sky high charges.

"It would go bang," said Dorcas Ruppert. "A really loud bang."

"I just needed to replace two remotes," said Tiffany Hawks.

Ruppert and Hawks don't know each other, but both needed fixes to their garage doors. Both hired the same company and got the same set of problems.

"They said I needed a new spring," said Ruppert who was charged more than a $1000 total.

"(I was told) now you owe an additional $125 labor fee," said Hawks who just needed remotes programmed.

Now, WBTV investigates. We put the same company to the test. See what happens when we call for service, Thursday night at 11:00 on WBTV News 3.

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