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Rock Hill officials use command center to track severe weather

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City of Rock Hill officials are using new technology in their severe weather command center to track conditions and better help serve those in need during storms.

Electric Operations Manager Mike Jolly showed WBTV around their severe weather monitoring center, equipped with more than 20 monitors, all to better serve residents.

"We're going to be monitoring the wind gusts and wind speeds, as well as lightning strikes. We have a package that keeps track of that for us and let's us know about lightning strikes around town," said Jolly.

Not only can the system monitor weather conditions, but also alerts crews when power is knocked in areas of town, cutting response times in most cases.

"We can dispatch crews immediately before we even have a call from a customer to us on a landline. We already know and we'll have guys going in that direction. We know how many people are without power and the severity of the incident."

Jolly says his team is ready to tackle power lines that may be knocked down by high winds or fallen tree limbs.

He held a storm prep meeting with his crew, Tuesday morning, which included making sure equipment was ready and even bringing in extra help.

"We have People on call 24/7 normally, we're going to be more alert and available for situations like this," said Jolly.

Even with all of the technology, Jolly still asks the public to call their automatic phone line if their power is out and never assume they know.

Officials also stressed the importance of not going anywhere near a downed power line, touching a live wire could lead to serious injury.

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