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Foothill storm preps underway, one community remembers

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Across the foothills and mountains, rain fell early Tuesday morning. Enough to cause some creeks and streams in the Collettesville area to get close to going over the banks.

In many places, the North Carolina Department of Transportation has pre-positioned "road closed" signs on roadsides just in case they are needed. No roads had to be closed Tuesday morning.

Phillip Tester hopes the signs won't be needed on the bridge to his neighborhood. "It's make it tough for people to get in and out," he said.

Sirens are already in place along Wilson Creek to warn people if flooding appears imminent and crews at the Collettesville Fire Department are watching.

"We are always ready," said Al Walsh.

As emergency crews did what they could to prepare for possible bad weather, in one Lincoln County community, the forecast is bringing back bad memories. Monday, May 5, will mark the 25th anniversary of a tornado strike that killed four people in the small community of Vale.

"We remember it distinctly," said Clara Scronce.  Dozens of homes were destroyed by the storm that struck just about supper time on that Friday.

"I saw it going in front of my home," said Carrell Pruette. The tornado stayed on the ground for just a minute or two but long enough to cause extensive damage.

With forecasters saying there is a possibility of tornadoes again on Wednesday, folks in the area are already making plans as to what they will do.

"We are going to go to the church hallway if we hear of anything coming," said Elaine Wyant. 

People in the community said they never want to experience  tornado ever again and said it is nerve-wracking every time it's mentioned in a forecast.

"You can't help but think about the tragic things that happened," said Scronce.

Residents who live on the Catawba River in Mecklenburg County were also preparing for the possibility of flooding.

"If flooding starts in the mountains, then I'm concerned," said Tommy Daniel.

Daniel spoke to WBTV last May, just one day after the river swallowed his street.

"(This year) I'll be good. I've got plenty of boats to keep me out if it gets that bad," he said.

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