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Charlotte Bobcats play last game


The Charlotte Bobcats are done.

The Miami Heat swept the team in Round One of the NBA playoffs.

Fans at the game were hoping the season wouldn't end.

"Not tonight" said Larry Kuhm. "I hope we get a couple more [games]."

Scott Kent of 'Bring Back the Buzz' said Monday night's game for him "is a win win situation. Either you get to see the franchise first playoff victory or you get to see the last game of the Bobcats and the birth of the Charlotte Hornets."

The Bobcats stayed with the Heat during the first half but lost some steam after the second half started.

The defeat marks the end of not only the season, but also the Bobcats' name.

"Sure it's bitter but it's also gonna be sweet" said Fred Whitfield, Bobcats' Chief Operating Officer. "We know the history. We know the equity that the Hornets built in this community. They did a lot of great things on the floor, had a successful team that went deep into the playoffs - which is exactly what we want to do."

Next season the team will become the Hornets. Fans have already started buying shirts and tickets.

Whitfield said "we're leading the league in new full season tickets solid for next year."

Franchise executives said they're still designing the team's jersey.

"I think our fans will be pleased when they see the new jersey. We'll unveil them sometime this summer, along with court design" Whitfield told WBTV.

Kent, with Bring Back the Buzz, said he's waiting for the Hornets.

"It's a very surreal feeling" he said. "I don't know if it's fully sunk in yet. I think the second I see the Hugo drop down from the rafters and everything goes on - then it will really hit me."

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