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CMUD employees demanding higher wages for important work


A group of city employees demanded higher wages of City officials during Monday night's council meeting. Two workers for Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities the meeting and told everyone they helped prevent a major environmental problem and it's one of the reasons they should receive a raise.

"Remember Mallard Creek," said one CMUD employee. "It didn't take days. It didn't take weeks. We found that in hours."

For finding the PCBs in Mallard Creek, their hard work and long hours on a daily basis, the employees said they deserve more money. 

"We are city workers why should we be on food stamps?" asked another CMUD employee. 

The standing ovation for the two men was only drown out by their message to new mayor Dan Clodfelter.

"A person that works for the city is struggling with their family," said one man. 

"I really want to thank you on behalf of council and all of us on how you responded to the incidents of the dumping in the storm water and the sewer system," said Clodfelter immediately after the comments were made. "That was really beyond the call of duty."

But now city utility workers are asking the Mayor and his council to go beyond the call of duty.

City records show the average salary for a Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities worker is slightly more than $36,000 a year.

"And we only get 87 percent of that," said one of the workers. "We need to change that."

Mayor Clodfelter was open to the idea of more money being allotted to CMUD employees but he said a full discussion on the issue will have to wait.

"We're headed into budget and I think it's timely that you came down tonight," said Clodfelter. "I know this council is going to be working very hard on exactly what you came down to talk to us about tonight so I appreciate you coming."

The workers who spoke up tonight say they are the sole providers for their families. 

According to city records, the median household income in Charlotte in 2011 was $50,000 which is $14,000 more than those who work with the city's utility division.

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