Wicked weather headed here

Hello everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV weather office tonight, discussing what might happen in the next 48 hours with Chief Meteorologist Eric Thomas. We're headed for a potentially rough two days of severe weather. Eric says the terrible tornadoes that killed at least 17 people in the deep south were an unmistakable signal for us to be very aware of changing weather conditions. There's no way to know if we'll see damaging twisters, but we will get a huge dose of rain.

We're also covering the last ever game for the Charlotte Bobcats. They got swept in the playoffs tonight, so now the teams magically transforms itself into the Charlotte Hornets. We're told that will officially happen two weeks from now. Our reporter Coleen Harry has the story of some fans who just can't wait that long.

You'll want to see the amazing video of a helicopter crash on the roof of a medical center. Surveillance shows the craft lift off, then go into wild gyrations before plummeting back to the pad.

Please join Molly Grantham, Eric Thomas and me for WBTV News at 11:00 in just a few minutes!