New information on battling the Heartbleed internet bug

"Heartbleed" still a concern

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Did you change your passwords after you heard about Heartbleed?  If so, you did the right thing.  However, we've learned the worst isn't over and you will likely need to change them again.

First, a little background on the bug.  Heartbleed, the name for the virus that let criminals snoop in by allowing them to unlock encryption, is still around.  Websites rushed to fix their sites but criminals managed to steal data from some sites before they were fixed.

Cyber Expert Theresa Payton shares the following advice:

1.  Android version 4.1.1 is still vulnerable.  Wait for the patch or call your phone provider to see if they can help you move to a newer release

2.  BlackBerry messenger on Android and Apple are still vulnerable.

3.  In the meantime you can:

Create strong passwords:  This is a combination of letters, numbers and symbols and are longer than 8 characters in length

Use 2FA:  If your service offers it (email, social media, etc.) use two-factor authentication for increased security (this is often a code sent to your phone for added security)

For any sites that are "https:" (s for secure) sites that take your personal information or financial information, go to to see if they have fixed their site.

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