I'd like to grill more fish but...

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If anybody knows fish, it is the folks at the Carolina Fish Market in Charlotte.   They say they often hear from their customers that they'd grill more fish if they only knew how.

Jim Seidel from the Carolina Fish Market shares some advice on grilling seafood, which he says is actually very easy:

Fresh fish does not smell like "fish", it should smell like the ocean. The meat should be firm and have a nice color to it. Each fish has a nice flavor to it all on its own. Some steak flavors change based on grass fed or corn fed, etc. But every fish has a different taste and it's so easy to taste these flavors. In the Carolinas we have a lot of seasons that have opened up for grilling season like Grouper, Wreckfish, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Swordfish and Shrimp to name a few.

Don't sauce it up or over spice fish. Everyone has different tastes, but we believe a simple mixture of a good olive oil, salt and pepper and maybe a fresh or dried herb will be sufficient to allow you to taste the wonderful flavor of the fish.

To cook oysters the easy way - just put them on the grill, cup side down to keep the juice or sea water in them when they open up. 6 to 8 minutes in medium heat and they are ready when they open up.

Carolina Fish Market is growing and is moving to a larger location in the Cedar Walk area where it currently is located.  The retailer has also been informed by the U.S. Trademark Office that its trademark, "From Carolina Boat, to Carolina Table" is being added to the Trademark office.

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