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Police find heroin, cocaine in Cornelius home


Neighbors in Cornelius tell WBTV they are concerned after they saw undercover officers raid a house off Westmoreland Road on Wednesday.

Authorities were tipped off by an undercover informant, according to a source with Cornelius Police.

WBTV obtained the search warrant for 8710 Arrowhead Place. Cornelius Police officers discovered several syringes that later tested positive for heroin use. According to the warrant, authorities also found plastic bags with white powder residue.

"We knew there were some strange things going on because we'd see cars coming and going," said neighbor Linda Davis.

A source inside the police department tells WBTV that officer also found balloons, which are common to package heroin to sell. 

"We saw the guys with the masks going in and bringing out envelopes full of stuff. It was just very bizarre," Davis said.

The warrant also indicates that police searched the home back in February over suspicion of drug sales. On February 10, officers found 14 syringes, packaging, and Suboxone tablets. The warrant says the tablets act as medication used to help heroin withdrawal.

As of Friday, April 25, police have not made any arrests, but tell WBTV the investigation is still ongoing.

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