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Crime down in Charlotte for first quarter of 2014 compared to 2013 numbers


Do you feel safer in Charlotte this year? You should. CMPD says they have seen drops in property crime, violent crime, robberies, rapes, and burglaries. 

Police in Charlotte said they are keeping the bad guys on the run with the help of the real-time crime center. It is manned 24-hours a day.

CMPD crunched the numbers for the first three months of this year and says crime has decreased compared to this time last year by 4.3%.

But Brandon Moore, who has lived in Charlotte his whole life says it doesn't notice the decrease.

"It feels about the same to me. I guess cause you watch the news all the time. You just hear a lot of things it doesn't seem like anything has changed it's about the same," said Moore.

If you look at CMPD's stats, crime has dropped in almost every category, aggravated assaults, robberies and vehicle thefts. And officers attribute the decrease to the real-time crime center at police headquarters.

"And that's the key for us," said Deputy Chief Doug Gallant, "The more information we can get out the more quicker we can identify offenders. We get them off the street faster that in itself is a big asset."

In January, CMPD allowed our cameras in to see the tools they use to catch crime as it's happening. They have video cameras throughout the city, license plate readers, and they listen to police radios to see if they can find a suspect on the move.

Patanza Durham, who lives in West Charlotte said she's noticed the difference.

"They get to you faster, quicker in the neighborhoods and stuff," said Durham.

"Yeah, I think it's helpful to have the extra eyes as long as it's doing for the good and they're policing crime and not other things they have no business looking at," said Moore.

Deputy Chief Harold Medlock said in January the cameras aren't that powerful.

"You can't see what anybody necessarily looks like and it's not about identifying people it's about identifying activity," said Medlock.

And in the first three months of 2014, CMPD said the real-time crime center is working. They said they've were able to clear 61 cases within 24 hours. 

Statistics provided by CMPD:

  • CMPD ended March 2014 with a -4.3% decrease in Index Offenses compared to last year
  • Property crime decreased by-2.9% while violent crime decreased by -12.1%
  • 10 homicides were reported compared to 9, resulting in an increase of 10%
  • 363 robberies were reported compared to 416, resulting in a decrease of -12.7%
  • 50 rapes were reported compared to 75, resulting in a decrease of -33.3% (*49 of the rape cases reported involved known acquaintances)
  • 601 aggravated assaults were reported compared to 668, resulting in a decrease of -10%
  • Burglary overall was down -11.2% (1295 compared 1458) with a decrease of -15.4% in residential (976 compared to 1154) and an increase of 4.9% in commercial cases (319 compared to 304)
  • 381 vehicle thefts were reported compared to 382, resulting in a decrease of -0.3%
  • Total larceny cases decreased by -0.3% (4828 compared to 4844) with the larcenies from auto down by -4.1% (1608 compared to 1677)
  • 37 arson cases were reported compared to 54, resulting in a decrease of -31.5%

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