Cuts herself

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom. Tonight at 11:00 we're talking to the sister of a young man killed in a Shelby gay bookstore in 1987. She is convinced the killer who took the life of her 19-year old brother and two other men is the same man who gunned down three people recently at a Jewish Center in Kansas City. That man is Frazier Glenn Cross, who used to go by the name, Glenn Miller. The well-known white supremacist was never charged in the triple murder, now police say they want to talk to him, hoping he can provide some answers.

Also tonight, a 40-year old woman comes forward to talk about her hidden secret. She cuts herself. She's done it since she was a teenager and says she just can't stop. If you have a teenager, you'll want to hear what she says about ways kids hide their mutilations.

In my weekly Crime Stoppers report, there have been 84 LFA's-- that's police speak for larceny from autos-- in the past year, just within a 2.5 mile circle around Bojangles Coliseum. And sitting next door to the arena is the Golden Green Hotel which had seven car break-ins just in the last month. You'll want to see the clue police found in the surveillance video which could crack the case.

The Charlotte Knights won their second straight game tonight, but more importantly, they have drawn 95,751 fans in their first ten games which leads all of minor league baseball. It looks like the grand old game has made a triumphant return to the Queen City.

Please join Eric Thomas, Delano Little, Molly Grantham and me for WBTV News at 11:00 tonight!