Teen avoiding police leads to arrest, gun and drug seizure

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - It all started with a teenager who seemed to be avoiding contact with two police officers on patrol in Salisbury west end, but by the time it was over, that teen was in jail and police had seized a stolen gun and a significant of marijuana.

According to a police report, Officers Michael Dishman and Kaylan Chapman were on patrol Wednesday near Bank and Lloyd Street when they noticed a group of your young men waling down the sidewalk.

The officers noted that when the young men spotted the police car, they seemed to stop walking, and one actually began to walk away from the group.

Police said that it appeared that as he walked away, Deante Corey Baker, 17, threw something away in a trash can near a dumpster.

Baker then went back to the group, according to the report, but then after a few minutes, again separated himself from the group.

The officers called out to Baker but they say he ran, taking off through back yards while the officers chased him on foot for three blocks.

Officer Hill and Sgt. Bryant Willis had arrived to offer back up to Officers Chapman and Dishman.

Baker then ran into a house located at 1324 B West Horah Street, according to the report.

When police got to the house they were met by Edward Cathcart, the son of homeowner Phyllis Worth.

Cathcart told police that no one else was in the house, but officers noted that they could hear activity inside.

Within minutes four people came out of the house, but Baker was not one of them.  Police then heard Officer Hill behind the house yelling at someone and discovered Baker trying to escape through a bedroom window.

Police say a total of six people had been in the house, including Baker.

When police searched the house they found two large bag of marijuana, one weighing 19.8 grams, the other weighing in at 15.3 grams.  They also found a marijuana cutter, digital scales, and plastic bags used in the drug trade.

A handgun was found on a cabinet in a TV stand.  Officers were able to determine that the gun, a Ruger .38 revolver, had been stolen from a car parked at a home in Salisbury on March 27.

Baker was charged with resisting police and was jailed under $1500 bond.  No one was charged for the theft of the gun or the possession of the bags of marijuana because officers say they could not determine which of the 6 people in the house may have had possession.