Woman ID'd in deadly Lancaster deputy-involved shooting

Woman shot by Deputies during traffic stop

LANCASTER COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - WBTV is getting more information about a Lancaster County officer involved shooting that left a woman dead and three deputies on administrative leave.

Lancaster County Coroner officials have identified the woman as 55-year-old Ingrid Linda Mayer.

Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile was very tight lipped at a press conference Thursday morning, but he says three of his deputies stopped Mayer's silver Nissan car in the 1400 block of Grace Avenue around 7:40 when they got a call about her driving erratically.

Jane McAteer told WBTV when she pulled up to her driveway around 7:30a at the corner of Parkman and Grace Avenues, there was another car parked there.

"And she got out and staggered and fell over the trunk of the car" McAteer said. "I told her I said, are you drinking? She laughed it off and said too much. Well I asked her - I said - you don't need to be driving."

That woman was Ingrid Mayer.

McAteer said Mayer told her she knew she shouldn't be driving, and was "just going down the road."

According to McAteer, Mayer took off down the dead-end Parkman Avenue.

McAteer said that's when she called the Sheriff's Office to tell them to hurry and send someone.

"She went down the road all over the road. I knew she was bad intoxicated."

McAteer thought she could stop Mayer after she was forced to turn around at the end of the street. Her plan was to stall her until deputies arrived.

But police, McAteer said, didn't make it in time to Parkman Avenue. Mayer kept going and turned onto Grace Avenue. McAteer said she followed. Mayer was about a half mile ahead.

Deputies eventually made it to Grace Avenue.

Less than a mile from where MaAteer met Mayer in the driveway - there was a violent ending.

"Then I seen her car go off into the ditch" said McAteer.

That's when Sheriff Faile said one of his deputies opened fire.

The Sheriff did not go into detail of what exactly happened before the shots were fired, but the homeowner whose front yard it happened in painted a better picture.

"Pow, pow. Two shots and that was it," said witness Darrell Willis.

Willis described the tense moments when the deputy shot Mayer twice in front of his home.

"It looked like she backed up, trying to get out of the way. She backed up and hit the front of the patrol car and when she hit the car I reckon he jumped out and fired. I don't know if it was justified or what," said Willis.

The coroner said Mayer was shot once in the upper torso.

WBTV has learned that an autopsy will be performed on Friday. Investigators will do toxicology for blood alcohol and drugs. It is expected to take six weeks for those results to come back.

Sheriff Faile says it appears his deputies did the right thing.

"The way things appear at this time, according to our investigation, everything looks according to policy with the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office," said Sheriff Faile.

WBTV spoke with several neighbors near the shooting who were still in shock.

"This stuff doesn't even happen in Lancaster County. What is going on," said Erica Witherspoon.

"It's very surprising because the people around here are so nice. It's full of older and elderly people for people to bring this kind of mess over here," she continued.

"To see the helicopters, police and all of the roads blocked off, I just want to know what's going on," said Brenda Whitlock.

Neighbors who live near Mayer on Hampton Grace Avenue said the 55 year old woman moved in about a year and half ago. They said she was polite but kept to herself.

"Just an acquaintance. Just a neighbor" said Charles Gardner. "Didn't really knew her name until today. Just speaking on the street, working on her computer one time - that's about it."

Still, Gardner said news of her shooting death "was totally surprising."

"She seemed to be a right nice lady" Gardner said.

According to neighbors, Mayer seemed to have had a difficult stretch lately, that included the death of her husband about a year ago from cancer.

And, according to South Carolina court records, Mayer was arrested Tuesday April 22, 2014 for DWI.

Neighbors said she was released from jail Wednesday.

Thursday morning Mayer was shot and killed.

The woman Mayer encountered about half hour before her death would end up seeing Mayer's lifeless body.

"I walked up to her car" McAteer told WBTV one thing crossed her mind. "The first thing - I hope she made her soul right with the Lord. That was the only thing I thought of right then."

Sheriff Faile says none of the three deputies were hurt and they are on administrative leave at this time.

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division investigators are now looking into whether or not the shooting was justified.

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