Carolina Camera: April 18, 2014

Carolina Camera 4/18/14 pt. 1

On this all-new edition of Carolina Camera, hosts John Carter and Christine Nelson take you backstage with one of North Carolina's most popular bands, the Avett Brothers to find out how they handle success.

We'll introduce you to an artist whose unique paintings are a "big deal," talk to a golf Pinehurst Resort groundskeepers about her job and learn about some of the hidden talents she has, and take a look back at one of the most memorable moments in golf history, with a caddy who was there.

Plus, we'll take you on a tour of the North Carolina mountains in a way you've probably never seen before, and on a trip to Charleston to tell you all about a Citadel tradition that has been going on for years and still continues today.

All this and much, much more on this April 18th edition of Carolina Camera!

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