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Body exhumed 21 years after murder in hopes of finding new evidence

Judith McMurry (COURTESY: The Charlotte Observer) Judith McMurry (COURTESY: The Charlotte Observer)

A woman's body was exhumed in Cleveland County on Thursday morning, 21 years after she died, in an effort to spur along the investigation into her death.

Deputies worked with agents from the State Bureau of Investigations to exhume the body of Judith McMurry. McMurry was killed in 1993.

At the time of her death, investigators say the 53-year old was stabbed to death, then burned.
Authorities told us in 1994, they had a suspect in mind, but they never arrested anyone.

The investigation was turned over to cold case investigators in 2013.

Cleveland County Sheriff Alan Norman told WBTV cold case detectives recently made a break in the case. DNA evidence may lead to an arrest, Norman said.

"What we want, first and foremost, is closure for the family. We want the perpetrator to be brought before justice and for it to happen in a swift manner," Norman told WBTV.

Sheriff Normal also said that investigators have determined that there is a single person of interest in this case.

"There is a person of interest. I'm not at liberty to disclose that person's name, but there is a person of interest," Norman said.

McMurry's body was exhumed in an attempt to help gather new evidence using technology that was not available in 1993.

"The purpose of the exhumation is to hopefully gather evidence that can lead to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for her death," deputies said in a release to WBTV.

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