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Judge denies motion to get video from possible police department assault

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File photo of Sergeant Robert George from WBTV Archives File photo of Sergeant Robert George from WBTV Archives

A woman who accused a Hickory Police officer of assault while under arrest has been denied a request to get surveillance video from inside the police department.

Chelsea Doolittle was in court on Wednesday morning, requesting video from the alleged incident, along with video from downtown Hickory where she was arrested in November 2013.

Doolittle was arrested in downtown Hickory on November 11 and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The officer who arrested her called another officer, Robert George, to take Doolittle to the jail to be booked.

According to officials, when they arrived at the police department there was an incident between George and Doolittle and Doolittle was injured when she fell to the pavement.

A mug shot of Doolittle that night shows several facial injuries, though authorities could not comment on when those injuries occurred.

She was initially charged with a felony charge of resisting arrest. The state later dropped the additional charge.

George, a police sergeant at the time, was later indicted on charge of assault with inflicting serious injury.

The indictment claims the assault inflicted "serious bodily injury, the pushing of two of the victim's bottom teeth, requiring surgery by an Oral Surgeon to correct the injury."

An internal investigation and officials determined that departmental policies had been violated and George was terminated.

On Wednesday, Doolittle's attorney attempted to get video from the incident and the initial arrest.

Judge Jane Harper denied the motion to turn over all videos. She ruled that one surveillance video from the arrest in downtown Hickory would be released.

Since the second charge, issued by George, had been dropped by the state, the judge ruled that the video from inside the police department had no bearing on her case about the initial arrest.

Rules of evidence are different in misdemeanor cases than in civil cases. The video from the police department could be released if a civil case is filed against George.

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