Reporter Notebook: a hidden treasure in downtown Salisbury

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - It's like you step off of W. Fisher Street and into another time and place filled with bright colors and the smell of old, well handled comic books.  Collectivity is a comic book store, but so much more.

I was walking in downtown Salisbury one afternoon and just noticed that the front door was opened, so I decided to walk in and have a look.

The store is operated by Norden Fairley and his son, HN, who, by the way, is the most decorated Boy Scout in Rowan County.

The store at first overwhelms you with images of superheroes and nostalgia.

As you might expect, there are rows and rows of white boxes filled with comic books in clear sleeves.  You'll see all the ones you might expect, but many that surprised me.  There are some comic books in the store that are more than 70 years old.

Norden pointed out that even though the books are very expensive, he purchased one because it featured the second ever appearance of Tarzan in a comic book.

There are other gems here like stacks of Mad Magazine with the cheerful face of Alfred E. Newman staring back at you.  There are also similar magazines like Sick and Cracked.

The store also has rare toys like Captain Action action figures, Pez dispensers, Super Bowl patches, 45 rpm records, posters, and thousands upon thousands of trading cards that cover everything from the Beatles to Operation Desert Storm.

And it's not just the merchandise that will impress you.

HN and his dad love to talk trivia, and they know their stuff.  The range of knowledge I was exposed to included the topics of "pre-code" comics, Beatles trivia, even details on some of the most interesting mistakes ever made on cards and comics.

If you find that you have a few minutes to truly linger in one spot and take it all in, I would suggest walking into this store.  It's located at 111A W. Fisher Street in downtown Salisbury, right next to Go Burrito.