Chocolate Mousse

Presented by Makenzie Law, Johnson & Wales University

Heavy cream                      16 oz

Dark chocolate                  12 oz

Granulated sugar             9 oz

Egg whites                          5 oz

Egg yolks                             4 oz

1.       Whip heavy cream to medium peaks.

2.       Melt chocolate over a water bath or double boiler.

3.       In a separate bowl, whip egg whites until foamy.  Gradually add half of the sugar; whip to medium peak.

4.       Heat egg yolks and remaining sugar over a water bath or double boiler, stiffing constantly to prevent overheating.  Heat yolks to 145 degrees or until sugar has completely dissolved.

5.       Using a whisk, lightly mix chocolate into whipped egg yolks.

6.       Fold whipped egg whites into chocolate and yolk mixture.

7.       Fold whipped cream into chocolate and egg mixture. Do not overfold.

8.       Fill desired containers and chill.