Police: Man's desire to own Katy Perry CD lands him in jail

Alvin Dale Joyner (Salisbury Police Department)
Alvin Dale Joyner (Salisbury Police Department)

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - One man's desire to obtain a Katy Perry CD, as well as a few other items from a car, landed him in jail on Monday.

According to a Salisbury Police report, officers noticed a white Dodge Intrepid parked beneath Jake Alexander Boulevard next to I-85 on Sunday.

Officer Joe Wilson placed a "tow sticker" on the car, indicating that the owner needed to move the car to avoid having it towed away.

On Monday a driver called police to say that it appeared to him that a man was taking things out of the Dodge.

Officer Wilson and Officer J.D. Crotty responded and found Alvin Dale Joyner, 46, standing next to the car.  Joyner had a shopping cart from Lowe's that had contained several items, including a Katy Perry CD, a blanket, and a purse.

The officers remembered that they had seen those very items inside the car on Sunday night when they placed the tow sticker on the windshield.

Also noted by he officers was the fact that the car was not damaged on Sunday, but when they saw it on Monday, the driver's window was shattered.

Joyner was charged with breaking and entering, and larceny, and then when he was searched, police discovered a knife.  The charge of carrying a concealed weapon was also added, along with using profane language.

At the Magistrate's Office, Joyner fell to the floor and said he was suffering from seizures.  He was taken to the hospital and later released and placed in jail under $5000 bond.

The owner of the car was located and the items were returned.

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