Program to help those at risk of diabetes

Know your risk for Diabetes

The numbers are staggering. More than 26 million Americans have diabetes; a million of them live in the Carolinas.  And what's more, 79 million have pre-diabetes, a precursor to Type 2 diabetes that can cause a myriad of health problems from stroke and heart disease to kidney failure and so much more.

Carolina's Healthcare System is teaming up with YMCA of Greater Charlotte for their 'Pre-D Challenge', an opportunity to determine neighbors who are at high risk for pre-diabetic conditions and challenge them to make healthy changes that could change their lives.

There will be screenings across the Charlotte area, one April 26th at CPCC in Huntersville.  For more information visit this web site

Diabetes is preventable and pre-diabetes is reversible through lifestyle change as well as diet and exercise.  Take time to take the Pre-D Challenge!

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