What information does a used car history report have?

What information does a used car history report have?
Charlotte used car history
Charlotte used car history
used cars in Charlotte
used cars in Charlotte

Used cars in Charlotte are pretty easy to find. Drivers can come to our N Charlotte Toyota dealership if they want to find a pre-owned vehicle, or they can shop for a used vehicle with a private seller!

No matter which route you choose to go, it's important to make sure you're taking home a used vehicle that works best for you.  A key part of this is making sure you have access to a used car history report, too. These reports reveal some important information drivers need to know in order to choose a used vehicle that will work for them. 

Why is a Charlotte used car history report important? 

Used car history reports are important because they give detailed information about a pre-owned vehicle's past. Not everything about a car can be known by looking at it, and these reports give drivers important information they need to know up front so they can decide if the used vehicle is right for them! 

When you come to us, we'll give you this report for free (whether it's a used Toyota Certified vehicle or another kind of pre-owned car!). However, if you're looking for a used vehicle and want to purchase one from a private seller, you might have to do some legwork on your own to get this kind of information. It doesn't have to be too challenging or difficult, though.  All you need is the used vehicle's VIN number, and access to a third-party site like CarFax to get the history report!

What do these reports show? 

Some very important information (that could sway whether or not to purchase a used car in Charlotte) is contained in these used vehicle history reports. 
  • Description: It's important to read this over because you want to make sure the description on the report matches the used car in Charlotte you're looking at! If the description doesn't match, then something may not be right and you might want to look into purchasing a different vehicle. 
  • Owners: The number of owners a used vehicle has is important simply because if the number is high then it can be more difficult to keep track of car maintenance and auto repair records. A lot of owners doesn't mean you shouldn't take home the vehicle, but it does mean you might want to do some extra research to make sure you don't get any unwanted repair surprises after you take it home!
  • Location: The location of a vehicle may not see that important, but some areas can be more prone to bad weather such as flooding and snowstorms. This means the used vehicle might have undergone some extra wear and tear from the weather. 
  • Auto Repairs: Finally, knowing if the car was involved in a collision or had any extensive repairs done is important! Some owners might not want to take home a vehicle that had been in an accident, and it's always better to have information like this up-front! 

Ready to start shopping for a pre-owned car or used Toyota in Charlotte? Come and see us! We're found at 13429 Statesville Rd in Huntersville, right off of I-77!


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