Rain brings trees down, leaves hundreds without power

Rain brings trees down, leaves hundreds without power

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Heavy rains in the Charlotte area left the ground soaked enough to cause trees to fall. In Myers Park, homeowners reported a large oak tree into their garage apartment on Ridgewood Drive. One section of the tree fell just before noon, and a second section crashed to the ground just before 6 PM.

The second section fell on a power line and caused hundreds of power outages in the area. As of Saturday night, Duke Energy is still efforting repairs.

A second incident left Tuckaseegee Road blocked when a large oak fell in the middle of the road. A second section of that tree landed on a group of apartments and left 5 people looking for a place to stay for the night. The Red Cross responded to help residents find shelter.

In both instances, the trees appeared to show signs of rot. WBTV talked to James Terry who owns a tree company of the same name. He told us the snow and ice from over the winter has weakened many trees around the area. He also said rains likely soaked the ground enough to loosen soil around the roots of the trees.

He advises to have trees checked by a certified arborist before the summer storm season hits.