Gastonia family pleads for help in hit & run investigation

GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) - A 53-year-old man is in the hospital and on life support following a hit-and-run in Gastonia.

According to Gastonia police, John Wayne King was hit while crossing East Long Avenue near a Quik Trip gas station around 7:50pn Friday evening. Police believe two cars hit him: a large white SUV and a small sedan.

King is being treated at Caromont Regional Medical Center. His family tells WBTV he is in a coma, and his prognosis bleak.

"We're hoping he'll recover," says King's sister Lynn Hyde. But, according to her, "it doesn't look like he's going to and We're hoping that whoever done this will come forward and admit they done it. Just for closure," she added. "That's all we wanna know is why did it happen? Why didn't you stop? You knew you hit somebody."

The Gastonia Police Department Traffic Enforcement Bureau is conducting the investigation. They are asking any witnesses that may have seen the collision or have information on the drivers who left the scene to contact Officer Quinn. Quinn can be reached at (704) 842-5168, or a message can be left through the Gastonia Police Department front desk staff at (704) 866-6702.

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