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Actor prepares for play about his false arrest

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Nineteen-year-old Milton Dunlap can't shake the three nights he spent in jail or the days he wore an ankle monitor. Seven months later he wants people to understand what he went through. Saturday night he will act in a play inspired by his story.

The actor and the mother who lived the real-life drama sit down with WBTV.

Milton Dunlap is preparing for his night on stage at the Venue @1801.

"I want to be realistic as possible," said Dunlap.

Everyone calls him Trey including his mom Kim Richardson.

"I love this kid to death," said Richardson.

He's the actor, she's not.

"Somebody is playing me and she's really good," said Richardson with a smile.

The title of the biographical play written by Kemisha Ebron was inspired by Richardson words, "Thank God Somebody Prayed for me Too."

"I want people to know you can be in your home doing nothing and you can be arrested," said Richardson, "If it wasn't for his Instagram post or the play station game or his cell phone records he'd still be there."

In September 2013, law enforcement was on a manhunt looking for teens who broke into homes and led them on a high speed chase.

"I seen the dude in the back and he had a gun and it was pointed at me," said Dunlap, "He told my neighbor to go in the house so I ran in the house. It's natural instinct."

Trey lived in that neighborhood and was arrested. 

"I knew that they had the wrong person immediately," said Richardson.

Richardson pleaded with police to release her son and showed text messages and video game logs proving he was at home.

On October 2, CMPD came forward and said they made a mistake.  But Trey still has an arrest record.

"It's on his record, they won't hire so he's stuck at his current job which has no hours for him," said Richardson.

She's working with a lawyer to restore Trey's name.

"I can't let this destroy his future," said Richardson.

Trey said he might be out of jail and without an ankle monitor but he can't completely move on.

"It felt like my life was paused. It still feels like that right now, slow motion, pause," said Dunlap.

Saturday night he'll hit the rewind button so that others can learn from his experience.

"It's a positive message," said Richardson, "It's not to bash police or anybody. It's really to inspire people."

Saturday night at 7 pm an audience can enjoy dinner and a show for $20 a ticket to see Dunlap in one of three plays at The Venue on North Tryon Street across from the Amtrak train station.

Tickets may be reserved by going to or calling 650-605-3482.

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