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New federal grant designed to keep Charlotte safer


During a week that a fatal hate crime against Jews in Kansas City is getting so much attention, local public safety agencies will soon receive more federal dollars to deal with they see as local terrorism.

Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Dulin announced that Charlotte will receive three million dollars in federal money to be used by public safety agencies.

"We're going to look at one of the newer areas that we're addressing in our response which is active shooter events, which has become a hot topic across the country", he said.

Places like Sandy Hook Elementary come to mind when law enforcement agencies use the term active shooter, and now local first responders are developing new strategies, if the threat becomes real in the Carolinas.

"They're working on a plan to develop a county wide response plan for these events not that we think that's something that's gonna happen here", Dulin said "but we're seeing more and more those events are taking place

One recent event happened in Milwaukee during 2012.

Six people were murdered at a Sikh temple.

It is the kind of case local authorities has under review.

Captain Steven Brochu with Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department has been involved in the training with firefighters.

He said, "The quicker we can get medic in there. The quicker we can get evaced. The quicker they're gonna be saved and potentially their lives saved."

Dulin says firefighters and police have been training together for months, but they've also noticed a new trend.

"We've seen with these types of events most of the time that the shooter is either dead by a self inflicted gunshot wound or their killed by law enforcement in the first 12 minutes."

In addition to the new training, the grant money will also be used for equipment upgrades and will assist law enforcement agencies across 11 counties throughout the region.

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