72 year old man charged with stalking woman, 24

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Salisbury Police served a private warrant on a man for stalking a woman in December of 2012.

Charles Eberhart, 72, was charged in the case.  According to the warrant, the alleged victim wrote that Eberhart "arrived at my apartment" and discovered Eberhart had parked behind her Jeep "and he sit there about five minutes and then he moved."

The woman went on to say that Eberhart drove away, then made a U-turn and came back and "park to watch us for about fifteen minutes" before leaving again.

Later, the woman said Eberhart came back, walked up to her door and began "banging very hard and ringing my door bell."

According to the warrant, those actions  caused the woman to "fear for the safety of herself and her immediate family."

Eberhart, who has an extensive criminal record, was acquainted with the woman's mother.

The warrant was just served because police had not been able to find Eberhart until Wednesday.

Eberhart was charged with one count of stalking and released on a written promise to appear in court on May 15.

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