Who is "Snoopy" and what does he want with your WiFi?

Can Snoopy spy on your devices?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Cyber Expert Theresa Payton often warns us that we should turn the WiFi on our devices to the "off" position if we're not using it. She says it is a good way to protect your privacy and security.

Now she shares with us a new reason to disable the WiFi when we don't need it.

There's a new drone being tested in London right now that can snoop in on your smart phone. The drone is actually called "Snoopy". Evidently Snoopy not only snoops over your shoulder but if you connect to WiFi, the good guy hackers that developed Snoopy says they can grab your password and the contents off your phone.

Theresa offers her thoughts on Snoopy and how to protect your personal information below:

1. When you leave your mobile device WiFi set to "on" it broadcasts every WiFi network it has connected to in the past looking for it.

2. The Snoopy Drone looks for devices that are broadcasting that they are looking for a WiFI network and they say the network name such as "XYZ Coffee Shop" or "Hotel ABC".

3. Snoopy then sends back to your device, "Hi device, this is XYZ Coffee Shop" and your device happily connects

4. Snoopy then goes to work looking at what you visit, passwords, and contents of the device; it will also try to scoop up your unique device id

1. Prompt your device to always ask you BEFORE it joins a network

2. Leave WiFi set on "off" unless you need to use it

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